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    balloon toolsuite

     Utilizing LOD with less effort

     Linked-Data-as-a-Service (LDaaS)

     Easy API-integration

     Ongoing research

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    balloon Overflight

     SPARQL based LOD crawling

     Index of basic structural relationships

     Bird's-eye view on Linked Data

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    balloon Fusion

     Smart SPARQL rewriting

     Endpoint Discovery based on equivalence entities

     Query federation for an enhanced result set

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    balloon Commonalities

     Finding common (relevant) super types of entities

     Finding instances for given type

     Finding related entities based on types and predicates

     Associate Rule Mining based on structure

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    balloon Synopsis

     RDF Viewer & Browser

     HTML & Javascript based (jQuery Plugin)

     Automatic information enhancement

     Configurable Templating

balloon: A toolsuite for Linked Data consumption.

balloon aims at offering public services and tools to take advantage of the semantic web with less effort. The basic motivation is to establish a foundation for Linked Data as a Service (LDaaS).

Today’s vision of a common Web of Data is mostly achieved and coined by the Linked Open Data movement. The first wave of this movement transformed silo-based portions of data into a plethora of open accessible and interlinked data sets. The community itself provided guidelines (e.g., 5 ★ Open Data ) as well as open source tools to foster interactions with the Web of data. Harmonization between those data sets has been established at the modeling level with unified description schemes characterizing a formal syntax and common data semantic. Without doubt, Linked Open Data is the de-facto standard to publish and interlink distributed data sets in the Web commonly exposed in SPARQL endpoints. However, a convenient request considering the globally described data set is only possible with strong limitations. balloon wants to overcome this issue by providing a large choice of services to simplify utilizing the web of data for your projects. We think that Linked Data tools should be available as a service (LDaaS), to avoid high setup and integration costs and data duplication. Therefore all balloon services will be public available and don't need to be installed locally.

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Index and unify co-reference, instance and inheritance information of Linked Data endpoints, generating a bird's-eye view on the data.

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SPARQL rewriting based on collected co-reference information (synonyms) combined with automatic endpoint discovery results in an intelligent query federation.

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Exploit extracted structure to find shared characteristics of entitites and types. The range goes from simple type index up to data mining and inference

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HTML & Javascript based RDF browser with information enhancement, offering an simple access to semantic information.

balloon is Open Source!

You want to improve balloon or add features? Play a part in the future of this project and modify it.